Don't Be Me

A Comedic Biographical Serious Podcast


This podcast is about my life, what I have learned and what I would have done different. My target audience is anyone who wants to listen but is mainly aimed at my kids. By doing this podcast they can one day hear me talk about the things I could not when they were young.

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Episode # 6 - Relationships Other Than Friends Part 1 - July 14, 2019




  1. Greetings

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  3. Don’t be me! Relationships and how not to fuck them up

    1. My definition of a relationship
    2. It’s good to talk
    3. When things go bad
    4. Admit you are wrong
    5. Adamant you are right
    6. What I have done right and wrong
  4. Path not taken section

  5. Don’t leave without a final thought!

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Episode # Description Length
5 How I was a master at dating 1:00:33
4 Not the sex episode 42:19
3 Get Your Dicks In A Line 32:18
2 Finding Your Freak Family 23:24
1 The Changing Room Effect 19:04


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