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This podcast is about my life, what I have learned and what I would have done different. My target audience is anyone who wants to listen but is mainly aimed at my kids. By doing this podcast they can one day hear me talk about the things I could not when they were young.

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Episode # 7 - Relationships Other Than Friends Part 2 - April 26, 2020




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  3. Don’t be me! Keep up and finish what you started.

    1. Why the hiatus so soon?
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A continuation from part 1. This week I do two girls in one go! Unfortunately it’s not as exciting as it sounds, it just means we cover S and C in this episode.

Also please note the downloads section of the main web page. I have left a template with some example data from the Finance Tracking section a few episodes ago. Feel free to download the template and start using it for yourself. I plan on writing full instructions nad hints on how to use this.

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Episode # Description Length
6 Relationships Other Than Friends Part 1 1:05:09
5 How I was a master at dating 1:00:33
4 Not the sex episode 42:19
3 Get Your Dicks In A Line 32:18
2 Finding Your Freak Family 23:24
1 The Changing Room Effect 19:04


Name Description Download
Template.xlsx Finance tracking template from episode 3 Download


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